Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Glass repair and replacement:

1. How long does it take to repair and replace a windshield?
a. Windshield repair (If the damage is smaller than the size of a dollar Bill) is a quick and easy process that takes 10-15 minutes to complete
b. Windshield Replacement usually takes about 2 hours to complete
2. How do I know when to get my auto glass replaced?
a. An Auto Glass replacement is needed for windshields when the damage is larger than the size of a dollar bill, and/or if the damaged area spreads to the outer edge of the windshield.

Window Tinting:

1. How long does it take to tint my windows?
a. Between 2-4 hours
2. What is the difference between Ceramic and Film Window tint?
a. Film Window tint is best for looks; while this product oftentimes does not provide heat rejection, it is a great product for privacy and blocking the sun out of your vehicle, as well as providing 99% UV protection from the dangerous sun rays. This also aids in protecting the interior of your vehicle.
b. Ceramic Window tint is the best of both worlds, this product is made slightly thicker than it's film counterpart, which allows it to offer heat rejection in addition to providing 99% UV protection.
3. Is window tint easy to remove?
a. This depends, in some cases, yes; however, in other cases not so much. It all depends on the type of tint that was originally applied, some remove easier than others. We utilize a steamer to remove window tint, this works to help release the bond of the adhesive and remove it from the window without leaving residue.

Headlight Restoration

1. How do I know when to restore my headlights?
a. Headlight restoration is needed when your headlights become hazy, foggy, or cloudy, dull, dimmed, or yellowed. When it gets to this point, they can make visibility difficult, and dangerous to drive with.
2. How Long does headlight restoration last?
a. Restoring your headlights is not a permanent solution, this is a temporary fix to prolong the longevity of your headlights. Headlight restoration will typically have to be redone annually.

Paint Protection Film:

1. What is Paint Protection Film (PPF).
a. Paint protection film is made from a virtually invisible urethane. It can be applied to any painted area requiring protection from stone chips, light scratches and other road debris. Our films also feature self healing properties, and superior stain resistance.
2. Can it be removed?
a. Yes, our paint protection films can be safely removed if needed without leaving any glue residue or damage to the surface, (providing the paint is factory original and / or has been re finished with a factory approved bodyshop).
3. Can It be applied to headlights and fog lights?
a. Yes, paint protection film can be applied to headlights and fog lights, and is a great way to protect those most vulnerable areas from getting stone chips.